Video Gallery

Class of 82 Yearbook & Early Reunion

An upbeat, fast-moving slideshow of pictures from high school and the first class reunion (LENGTH: 3 min)

10-year Reunion (1992) Sights and Sounds

The wandering camera captured classmates and friends meeting and greeting with antics and fun. (LENGTH: 6 min)

10-year Reunion Slide Show Live (1992)

During the 10-year reunion we played a slide a show with the audience reacting to both new and old photos. (LENGTH: 20 min)

10-year Reunion (1992) class gift for Stephen Gregory

The Class of `82 raised funds from classmates and presented the check to Stephen’s sister during the 10-year reunion. Bare with the old videos. (LENGTH: 2 min)

5-year Reunion (1987) Sights and Sounds

Classmates enjoying their first time back together as a group since high school. (LENGTH: 12 min)


1993 Dedication to Stephen Gregory

A memorial held at Riverside Cemetery in North Reading in honor of Stephen Gregory in August 1993. Friends and family gathered to present a beautiful new headstone and give witness to fond memories of Stephen. (LENGTH: 29 min)